Spring is here!

Spring is here!

Spring is here and time to get ready for Summer! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of Spring:

  1. Make sure your drains are unplugged. Winter has a way of plugging things up, so start off on the right foot and check for drainage problems
  2. Clean up. Garden shrubs love clean, debris free areas. So get out the rake and start clearing!
  3. Replace and Replenish. Get rid of those old, dead shrubs and trees. Spruce up those that still have life in them.
  4. Picture. Create a drawing of how you want your garden to look like for this year. With small alterations, your garden can become an oasis like never before!
  5. Get to it! Dive right in and start making changes based on your vision of your oasis!

Spring is a time for renewal. Your garden can be the source for that renewal.

Chris Nicholas

Christopher James Nicholas is the founder of Christopher James Landscapes.He is passionate about landscaping. His clients include corporations and individuals who want to beautify their properties. He can be contacted at 604-880-4702.

Chris Nicholas – who has written posts on Landscapers Vancouver – Christopher James Landscapes.


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